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Henry Cullen

One of the most talented techno producers ever to come out of the UK; born as Henry Cullen, this pioneer is, along with collaborators The Liberator DJs, responsible for pushing the acid techno sound throughout Europe and farther afield. In an earlier incarnation he played in festival squat-rock band Back To The Planet, where he was the drummer (hence the name), before finding his true passion in the early 90s and starting what now stands as an enormous studio history.

D.A.V.E. has made tunes for practically all of the well known record labels in the underground techno scene. His work for Stay Up Forever alongside the Liberators has taken him to a global audience and he has a reputation for being reliable and innovative in the booth. He has held down residencies in Brazil and the UK and is a regular visitor to most of South America as well as Japan, Australia, Venezuela, Canada and Russia.

His studio expertise is unquestionable, having acted as the production powerhouse behind artists like Kris Needs and Secret Knowledge, not to mention collaborations with Nils Hess, Irvine Welsh and Anderson Noise. His own label Hydraulix has been a bastion for quality techno for over a decade and recently spawned its own series of parties featuring Mark EG and Chris Liberator. Meanwhile, his latest creation – the label Mutate to Survive – sees a fresh approach to D.A.V.E.’s sound, as he continues to be a focal point for forward-thinking electronic music.

Moreover, his musical heritage as the son of musicians and orchestral arrangers stands him in good stead as he moves into soundtrack and sync.

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