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If you would like to join us we are always happy to welcome new writers to the Truelove family, however before approaching us please ensure you fulfil the following criteria:

– First and foremost Truelove Music is an electronic music publisher, therefore if you are a heavy metal band or a jazz quartet you will be
much better served by finding a publisher who specialises in your respective genres.

– Secondly, you should already be established as a recording artist, producer or composer/lyricist with numerous releases under your belt.

– You should be looking for an exclusive song writing deal as we only take on song writers for the world and for their entire catalogue (except of course for material that was previously assigned to other publishers)

– We are not a library, the vast majority of our music tends to be commercially released.

– We place a vast amount  of our songwriters’ work in film, TV, advertising etc. but we are not a sync agent. If  you are only looking for someone to place your music, there are a vast array of agencies who can help you.


If you are still interested please send us a short message introducing yourself through our contact page please only send a maximum of 3 links to you music (soundcloud, youtue, mixcloud etc.)

We look forward to hearing from you!