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Recent Syncs (include Vogue TV, Coca Cola, CBS TV, Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Wii, Sony Playstation, X-box)

  • Winston – Steve Lawler brand partnership

  • Coca Cola – Taio Cruz’s “Higher” used for Olympic campaign

  • Vogue (TV) – Guy J’s “Electric Tale” used for opening series

  • CBS TV – John Graham’s “Waiting For The Rain” used in CSI NY

  • Chanel – Gui Boratto’s “Soledad” and “Striker” used in SS 2012 catwalk and iphone app

  • Bottega Veneta – Gui Boratto’s The Drill used in catwalk and bespoke CD

  • and multiple Karaoke games – Wii, Sony Playstation, Microsoft X-Box